OrthoSave® Comp

The OrthoSave® Comp is the top-of-the-line solution for pre-surgical treatment and post-surgical orthopaedic rehabilitation. Intermittent pneumatic compression addresses edema, pain, and range of motion. The OrthoSave® system provides a vastly superior alternative to traditional rehabilitation methods and offers a wide range of compression therapy settings featuring advanced safety programming to ensure the therapy is compliant with the physician’s prescription.

Compression Benefits:
The compression benefits associated with this system include: reduced edema from soft tissue injury, alternating intermittent programmable pressure, therapy for optimal recovery and controlled pain management with fewer narcotics.



Reduced Pain With Less Medication
Patients regularly experience less pain in compliance with OrthoSave® Comp therapy, resulting in less reliance on oral medication.

Improved Safety
The OrthoSave® Comp offers precise temperature control to prevent tissue damage caused by ice, the primary coolant in other therapy systems.

Affordable Care
Our out of network claims process allows physicians to offer the high-tech, water-based OrthoSave® system to their patients for significantly less than patients would pay for other cold compression products offered by alternative DME providers.


Improved Outcomes
Studies show that use of iceless cold/compression therapies similar to OrthoSave® Comp therapy results in improved post-operative range of motion, DVT prophylaxis and healing time.

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Service
A trained and certified service technician will ship the therapy to the patient’s home and train the patient in effective and safe therapy use via phone or video calls. Our service representatives field all patient questions, 7 days per week and NuLife Med handles all OrthoSave® system claims.

Measured Compliance
OrthoSave® Comp records patient usage for the physician–key in determining the next phase of patient recovery management.

Wider Temperature Range
OrthoSave® Comp features a wider temperature range (41-55 F) allowing specific physician-prescribed temperature settings to be locked in to optimize safety and vascular improvement for diabetes and vascular insufficiency patients.

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