NuLife Med's Dedication to Exceptional Patient Care

NuLife Med is a best-in-class medical equipment company providing enhanced therapeutic outcomes for recovery and rehabilitation for orthopaedic and podiatric patients in the eastern United States. In response to the physician’s prescription, we ship advanced therapy solutions to patients in the comfort of their own homes. We train patients in the proper use of those therapies and are their point of contact throughout the entire course of their therapy. This level of care, which is nearly unseen in the industry, ensures better compliance with the physician’s prescription while it provides deeper care for our physicians’ patients.

Neil Costello

Neil serves as the CEO of NuLife Med. After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy, Neil served as an officer in the US Army. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and bronze star recipient. Neil followed his Academy studies with an MBA from Wright State University obtained while working his way up through the electrical power industry.

Neil spent the last 30 years in a various executive positions including large publicly traded, small/medium rapidly growing and start-up enterprises, which uniquely range from energy, to manufacturing, and now to healthcare for the most recent half. That breadth of experience crystallized his understanding of business processes and the historical challenges physicians face finding solutions to providing extended care to their patients post-surgically.

With his focus on delivering best-in-class orthopaedic care services and high-tech therapies, Neil’s operational skills enable NuLife Med to maximize patient recovery and rehabilitation as directed by prescribing military and civilian physicians. The physician is the expert that makes a better life possible. Neil guides the organization to ensure we do all we can to assist in that process to elevate recovery for patients and physicians.

Liam Hughes

Liam serves as the President of NuLife Med, ultimately responsible for new business development, operations, and strategic planning. Under his leadership, NuLife Med is growing and diversifying its footprint to elevate recovery for military personnel as well as civilian patients and physicians.

A proven leader, Liam has extensive experience building and managing high performance teams that are laser focused on delivering optimal clinical and financial outcomes for providers and patients. He has held leadership positions in extremely successful medical business startups as well as at Procter & Gamble.

Liam graduated from the United States Naval Academy and received his master’s degree from McGill University. He served as a Naval Officer for a combined 10 years between active duty and reserve assignments.

Passionate about both personal and community development, Liam is a proud member of Vistage International and also dedicates time to patient advocacy and community health initiatives in several metro markets. He is also an amateur historian with specific interest in the colonial Atlantic world.

Michael Avestro

Michael Avestro has served as NuLife Med’s Chief Financial Officer since 2013, responsible for all aspects of finance, accounting, and human resources teams. With over 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Avestro has held a variety of director and senior management positions in numerous industries including healthcare and retail. Mr. Avestro began his career as an associate at KPMG, performing GAAP financial statement audits, SOX/internal control implementations, and benefit plan reviews for a diverse group of clients.

Prior to joining NuLife Med, Mr. Avestro directed and managed financial operations and analytics teams at Medtronic and Bed Bath & Beyond, where he played a key role in securing agreements with national group purchasing organizations, established new marketing programs, and developed optimized supply chain models to drive revenue and control costs. He currently serves on the Monmouth University Accounting Advisory Council at the Leon Hess Business School. Mr. Avestro holds an MBA and a BS in Accounting from Monmouth.

Nathalie Soucy

Nathalie is a dynamic leader and currently serves as NuLife Med’s Executive Vice President of Operations. With a distinguished career within the organization, she has ascended through various key management roles, including Patient Relations, Patient Advocacy, and the Appeals Department.

Nathalie’s professional background spans across prestigious organizations such as Cigna Healthcare and United Healthcare, where she honed her expertise in healthcare administration. Additionally, her venture into Project Management in commercial construction and her tenure in the banking sector have further enriched her skill set, allowing her to bring a wide breadth of knowledge to the company.

Nathalie is committed to continuous learning and personal growth. She hold a BS in Psychology, which provides her with a deep understanding of human behavior and interactions. Currently, she is enrolled in a rigorous MBA program with a focus in Data Analytics at The University of New Hampshire, where she is further enhancing her leadership and management skills to drive NuLife Med’s success to new heights.

Kacey Wunsch

Kacey now serves the Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Service at NuLife Med, having richly absorbed every aspect of patient and practice service and sales. She is responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in NuLife Med’s national military, workers’ comp, and VA prescriber markets. She provides leadership and management necessary for her teams to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Taking care of people is at the core of what drives Kacey. Partner that passion with an ability to build and maximize team efficiency and you get competence, compassion, and commitment to those we serve. Kacey graduated from Springfield College with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and continued her education at Franklin Pierce University where she obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Kacey is currently enrolled at George Mason University where she is pursuing her MBA.

Kacey adds to her professional experience deep understanding of what it means to be an integral part of a military family. Her uncle and grandfather both served in the US Navy and her brother is currently stationed at Ft. Liberty.