Committed to Caring for Soldiers’ Families in Need

NuLife Med’s unique military-civilian synergy elevates practice outlooks and transforms military and civilian patients’ outcomes. We are grateful that our commitment to elevating recovery and transforming lives extends beyond our daily work with physicians and patients, as wonderful as that truly is, to actively supporting the great work of The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund honors military service and sacrifice by providing scholarships to veterans and military family members, especially to children of our nation’s fallen or disabled.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

To Help Soldiers and Their Families Through Education

Many times, soldiers and their families are asked to give of themselves for the better good. While they ask little in return, we owe them so much. Through education, we give back. Veterans, who served honorably in our Armed Forces, and spouses and children of veterans in need of financial support to further their education, can look to The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund is committed to providing support to those most affected by the Global War on Terror. Assistance includes:

  • College scholarships and grants
  • Financial aid for professional certification programs and non-degree programs
  • Educational career counseling and mentorship

Why we work with Johnny Mac

Many members of the management and staff at Nulife are former military men/women. Their education, skills and knowledge are a direct result from their experiences in the military. As we grow as a company, we want to be sure to be true to our roots and offer future generations the same opportunities that we have experienced through our involvement with America’s armed services.

Why it’s important for us to support them?

Every day soldiers defend our country’s ideals and freedom. NuLife feels a strong sense of duty to assist the sons and daughters of those soldiers achieve their goals where we can help. The Johnny Mac Soldlier’s Fund lets our company show our gratitude to those deserving of our help. We are so happy to be a part of giving back to our soldiers’ families.

We Give, because we were given a chance.