Elevating Rehabilitation, Tracking Progress

Used during the first phase of post-surgical rehabilitation, NuLife Med’s iCPM® is designed to reduce edema and joint stiffness, prevent soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy, improve range of motion, and reduce pain. The iCPM® device is available for a hip, knee, ankle, and toe joints and is an effective complement to our iceless cold compression, DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapy offerings.

Nulife Med’s iCPM® products track patient utilization information as a service to prescribing physicians so that the physician may evaluate patient rehabilitation activity and compare it to actual physical capability during the patient’s recovery. Utilizing our iCPM® service, we have the ability to offer patient functional assessment insight to prescribing physicians, which may be used to guide future treatment. Physicians may use this information to further patient rehabilitation evaluations and try to attain best treatment outcomes.



Reduced Pain

Use of the iCPM® in conjunction with our cold compression DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapy offerings during the first several weeks of rehabilitation results in reduced pain and inflammation.

Improved Outcomes

Compared to no iCPM® use, use of the iCPM® results in improved post-operative range of motion and healing time.


Measured Compliance

The knee/hip iCPM® as a “smart” machines; it records patient usage for the physician, which is key in determining the next phase of patient recovery management.

Most Affordable Care

Due to a proprietary out-of-network claims submission process, patients pay significantly less for the iCPM® than they would for similar products offered by other DME providers.

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Service

A trained and certified service technician will ship the therapy to the patient’s home and train the patient in effective and safe therapy use via phone or video calls. Our service representatives field all patient questions, 7 days per week and NuLife Med handles all iCPM® claims.

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