Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation

Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS) utilizes electronic stimulation as an effective means to reduce pain where oral medications are not desirable.

Setup Guide

Step 1. Place electrodes in areas where current will directly transverse the region of pain.
Step 2. Turn on amplitude buttons for every channel you are using.
Step 3. Adjust amplitude buttons slowly to effective treatment without pain levels.
Step 4. If pulse width, time, frequency or stimulation modes need to be adjusted, adjust them slowly.
Step 5. When pain has subsided, turn down the amplitude buttons to off.
Step 6. Remove electrodes and place them back on dura-stick plastic film.

Watch Video

Learn how our transdermal electronic nerve stimulator is a safe and effective method for managing chronic pain on an as needed basis.



Safe and Efficacious Treatment
TENS is effective in temporarily reducing pain by blocking the pain signals traversing the site to the brain. Patients are taught how to regulate their pain utilizing safe and effective strengths of electronic frequencies, without the potential side effects of oral medications.

Ease of Use
These lightweight, portable units are simple to use and can be safely regulated by the patient. As-needed sessions make effective treatment easy.

Training and Support
A trained NuLifeMed representative will deliver, set-up and explain the use of the device. Representatives will be available for patient support 7 days a week.


Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes
Patients who can regulate their own therapy and thereby have ownership and control over their pain management have been shown to be more satisfied patients with better clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Service
A trained and certified service technician will ship the therapy to the patient’s home and train the patient in effective and safe therapy use via phone or video calls. Representatives field all patient questions, 7 days per week and NuLife Med handles all TENS claims.

Range of Applications
Our Intelect TENS units support a wide variety of treatment sites with either 1-channel or 2-channel electrode modes of therapy. Analog timers and settings make our TENS simpler for patients to use, thereby creating more compliance with your prescription.

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