Executive Message

Empty-Desk---President's-Message-pageNuLife is committed to helping patients recover from surgery or injury so they can get back to the fullest life possible. The physician is the expert that makes a better life possible, so we strive to help physicians help their patients.

NuLife successfully combines the three components of support necessary to fulfill our commitment to physicians and patients as follows:

  1. We provide Patient-Focused Medicine specialists to ship therapies and to train patients via phone or video call in the place where patients recover (usually their home), so that patients are comfortable with the environment and know how to use the physician-prescribed equipment.
  2.  We provide optimum equipment choices for the physician to customize and maximize each patient’s recovery.
  3. We provide insurance claims assistance for each patient to optimize their benefits and coverage for this effective physician prescribed care.

NuLife cares about patients and creates opportunities for physicians to prescribe the necessary equipment that achieves the desired recovery and rehabilitation results.

Our Mission to You:

By delivering best-in-class medical services and high-tech therapies, we maximize patient recovery and rehabilitation as directed by the prescribing physicians.