physiciansThank you for reviewing the information regarding our Patient-Focused Service coupled with the products we provide for your patients. After surgery, as your patients recover and rehabilitate, it’s critical that they feel comfortable with how to use the equipment, why it has been prescribed, and who they can call if they have questions regarding the equipment.

NuLife provides trained technicians that provide Patient-Focused Service for your patients by shipping the prescribed products to the patient’s place of recovery (usually their home), ensuring the equipment is set up in an optimal location for the patient, training the patient on use and purpose, and becoming the point of contact throughout the course of therapy if the patient has any questions. This technician makes it simple for your patient to understand, use, and comply with your prescriptions. This results in a very high compliance rate, yielding recognizable improved recovery and rehabilitation results.

The top-of-the-line high-tech products we provide for physicians to prescribe their patients achieve these post-surgical or injury anatomical goals:

  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced swelling and edema
  • Increased ambulation and overall mobility
  • Reduced chance of blood clot formation (DVT)

Technology advancements regularly present new products that NuLife considers to best meet your physician goals of better outcomes in patient care. If you have specific needs we will work with you to help get them into your patient’s recovery plan.

We verify benefits and eligibility of the patient’s plan so we may provide the best equipment and service available. We have filled over 100,000 prescriptions with our effective products using our Patient-Focused approach and our prescribing physicians have been very pleased with their patients’ results.

Our Process

Once the physician decides to include NuLife’s products in his or her post-operative protocol:

1. Practice identifies the patient need and sends NuLife Med the order.

2. NuLife Med researches the patient’s insurance benefits and contacts the patient to review results to ensure there are no unexpected costs.

3. One of our highly trained service technicians will contact the patient prior to the date of surgery to schedule a date for home delivery as well as a time to train the patient via phone or video call on the proper utilization of the equipment for best outcomes.

4. Our trained service specialists will provide the patient with contact information in the event they need anything during the duration of their treatment, including a home visit if that should be desired.

5. Our patient relations specialists will contact the patient to ensure they understand the entire claims process. We provide the patient instructions and assistance with insurance company correspondence.

6. Once the claim has been accepted and processed by the patient’s insurance company, NuLife Med will invoice the patient if applicable.

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