Neuro-Muscular Electronic Stimulation

Neuro-Muscular Electronic Stimulation (NMES) utilizes electronic stimulation to re-educate muscles at risk of disuse atrophy as a result of surgery, injury or disease.

Setup Guide

Step 1. Place electrodes in areas where current will transverse the affected muscle.
Step 2. Turn on amplitude buttons for every channel you are using.
Step 3. Adjust amplitude buttons slowly to effective treatment without pain levels.
Step 4. Adjust ramp to give you some ramp time up and down, for a controlled muscle contraction.
Step 5. If time, frequency or ramp modes need to be adjusted, adjust them slowly.
Step 6. When session is complete, turn down the amplitude buttons to off.
Step 7. Remove electrodes and place them back on dura-stick plastic film.

Watch Video

Here’s a brief look at how the NMES works to re-establish brain to muscle nerve pathways that enable better muscle memory and movement.



Safe and Efficacious Treatment
NMES is effective in re-establishing the neuro-muscular pathway of damaged muscles without adverse side effects. NMES is used for slowing the retardation of muscle atrophy, relaxing muscle spasms, increasing local blood circulation and re-educating muscles.

Ease of Use
These lightweight, portable NMES units are simple to use and can be safely regulated by the patient. Regular sessions per physician prescription make effective treatment easy.

Most Affordable Care
Due to a proprietary out-of-network claims submission process, patients pay significantly less for neuro-muscular electronic stimulation therapy than they would for similar products offered by other DME providers.


Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes
Patients who can regulate their own therapy and thereby have ownership and control over their rehabilitation management have been shown to be more satisfied with better clinical outcomes.

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Service
A trained and certified service technician will ship the therapy to the patient’s home and train the patient in effective and safe therapy use via phone or video calls. Our service representatives field all patient questions, 7 days per week and NuLife Med handles all NMES claims.

Range of Applications
Our Intelect NMES units support a wide variety of neuro-muscular treatment sites with either 1-channel or 2-channel electrode modes of therapy. Analog timers and settings make our NMES simpler for patients to use, thereby creating more compliance with your prescription.

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