Bone Growth Stimulators

The easy-to-use DJO line of bone growth stimulators is a state of the art solution for non-union healing, making it a superior choice for improving patient compliance.

Setup Guide

Step 1: Strap on bone growth stimulator around affected bone.
Step 2: Turn on the machine. (A slight tingling sensation may be felt during the therapy session).
Step 3: Turn the machine off when your 30-minute session is completed.

Watch Video

In this video you’ll see how simple our Bone Growth Stimulator is to use. This demonstration is of a foot and ankle stimulator, though we provide stimulators for several long bones.



High Efficacy of Treatment
The DJO line of external bone growth stimulators utilizes two magnetic fields (static and alternating) which result in the most effective targeting and highest stimulation of growth factors needed for bone formation. The signals do not diminish as they pass through tissue or muscle thereby maintaining both specificity and potency of treatment.

Ease of Use
These lightweight, portable bone stimulators feature simple external velcro application at the bone site with single button operation. One daily 30-minute session makes effective treatment easy.

Most Affordable Care
Utilizing our proprietary out of network claims submission process, patients pay significantly less for bone growth stimulation therapy than they would for similar, less effective therapies.


Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes
Studies show that DJO external bone growth stimulators produce clinically superior rates of non-union bone growth stimulation (60+% unions all patients, 84+% of non-tibial), resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Patient-Focused Service
A trained and certified service technician will ship the therapy to the patient’s home and train the patient in effective and safe therapy use via phone or video calls. Our service representatives field all patient questions, 7 days per week and NuLife Med handles all bone growth stimulator claims.

Easy and Measured Patient Compliance
The “wind down” digital compliance meter of the DJO bone growth stimulator is an effective measurement of compliance with the prescription. Compliance is also increased by the easy-to-use design of these lightweight, portable, and comfortable stimulators with only 30 minutes a day of standard treatment time.

Range of Applications
The DJO external bone growth stimulators are available in a full range of sizes to support a wide variety of patients and fracture sites for casted or non-casted applications. No windowing is required. These stimulators are effective with or without fixation.

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