Better Therapies. Better Service. Better Outcomes!

In nearly any endeavor better preparation with advanced methods will produce more desirable results.

Reductions in payments to providers due to a variety of factors and the pressure to curtail cost in the US healthcare system have conspired to push many medical equipment providers to offer less because that’s all they can afford. Cheaper therapies, drop shipped equipment, and video tutorials are all now commonplace. Not long ago, medical equipment providers prided themselves on high-quality therapies and their patient service. And yet, everyone readily acknowledges that better therapies offered to patients with better service will yield better health outcomes.

Perhaps you’ve had a post-surgical recovery experience that left you underwhelmed. Maybe you tried to reduce swelling with a bag of peas, like I did a few years back, per instructions. It could be that you bought an ice bucket. You filled it up with water and ice every time you used it and hobbled with it over to your couch. Your surgeon didn’t want you to put much pressure on that joint just yet, but you really didn’t have any choice in seeking to reduce swelling with the old ice bucket. And good luck controlling the temperature and maintaining it at a healthy level.

Modern technology isn’t perfect, but it often provides something many times better than what we had without the technology. That’s certainly the case with the OrthoSave™. It is an incredibly better mousetrap. It is compact. It is the highest-tech device on the market. The OrthoSave™ delivers a comfortable, temperature-controlled massage that reduces swelling effectively after surgery. Pulsating massage also protects against blood clotting in those days while you aren’t very mobile after surgery. No lugging an ice-filled bucket around. No extra pressure on your joints. No condensation on the floor from the bucket. No blue skin due to ice. Watch your favorite show. Read that best-seller you’ve had your eye on. Catch up on social media. Once you’ve connected the Velcro on the wraps, all you need to do is tap the power button – then relax.

Modern technology is even better combined with personalized service! We send trained, qualified therapy representatives to deliver the OrthoSave™, set it up in your home in a comfortable place, and train you how to use it within the guidelines of your physician’s prescription. Our representatives are available to you throughout the course of your therapy – just text, email, or call. Compassion, competence, and commitment are our standard of face-to-face care. You just can’t get that from a video link and a dropped-shipped piece of equipment.

Better Therapies. Better Service. Better Outcomes. That’s exactly what you want from your post-surgical recovery and exactly what NuLife Med delivers.