Building---History-pageNuLife was founded in late 2009 because there was a significant need for post-operative or injury recovery and rehabilitation products for patients. Through 2010, we verified that our products and personalize patient-focused service were having distinct and regular positive results in patients’ recoveries. Also in 2010, NuLife discovered how to get reimbursements for these products and services. This allowed us to grow more rapidly and provide more products for consideration to physicians to prescribe optimum care for their patients.

From then until now, NuLife continues to help physicians help their patients by taking physician prescriptions for our top-of-the-line products and providing best-in-class service. Combining personalized patient support and in-home therapy shipment drives high utilization of the products (compliance) and yields great results. We know that patients are nervous about surgery, recovery, and cost. Our patient-focused therapy specialists are competent with the equipment, compassionate with patients, and work to help patients understand their portion of cost throughout the process.

NuLife Med remains committed to physicians and their patients because we know we are making a distinct, positive difference in returning patients back to a full life.