Patient-Focused Service

concierge-1What is it?
NuLife Med takes the hassle and confusion out of the recovery and rehabilitation process. Our certified best-in-class service professionals are committed to delivering compassionate care throughout the course of therapy. We provide enhanced therapeutic outcomes through non-intrusive therapies. We deliver high-tech therapies to patients in the comfort of the home and are the point of contact for post-operative recovery.

What to expect?
Within a few days of your surgery your dedicated NuLife Med service technician will contact you to set up a convenient time to ship the therapy equipment to your home and to set up a call to walk through how best to use the therapies that your physician has prescribed. We will thoroughly explain your therapies so you have the ability to use them effectively to reduce your pain and swelling while advancing your mobility. We will also review our claims assistance service so that you receive the benefits for which you have paid with minimal extra effort on your part.

Our personalized approach provides the patient with non-invasive, high tech therapies in the convenience of home so that our physicians’ patients have everything needed to create the best possible outcomes throughout recovery and rehabilitation at the lowest possible cost and hassle.