patient_kneeYour physician has prescribed our high-tech, non-invasive therapies for your recovery and rehabilitation following your bone or joint surgery. It is our privilege to personally deliver high-tech therapies that produce the results you want during your recovery so you can get back to what you love to do faster.

Our Driving Values: Competence. Compassion. Commitment.
NuLife Med is founded, owned and operated by United States Military Academy graduates whose values have been solidified through their service as officers. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and the competence required to serve both our physicians and their patients. We recognize that facing surgery can be a disconcerting time. Our face-to-face service professionals bring compassion to their physicians’ patients, delivering not only therapies but also a high level of care. NuLife Med is committed to providing the best VIP in home service available in the medical equipment world. Our competence, compassion and commitment work together to produce better outcomes for our physicians’ patients during and following therapy.

Our Value Proposition: Enhanced Therapeutic Outcomes, VIP In-Home Service, No Unexpected Cost
NuLife Med provides a unique, personalized service in a depersonalized world. We deliver an in-home extension of your physician’s care. Your physician cares enough about you to prescribe therapies that will enable you to recover more deeply and more quickly following your bone or joint procedure. We not only deliver those therapies, we train you to use the therapies in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Your service professional will be your point of contact and care throughout the course of your therapy. NuLife Med also provides an insurance claims assistance service so that you receive the benefits for which you have paid at minimal extra effort on your part with no financial surprises.

The Claims Process
Our claims assistance service provides you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of NuLife Med therapies without the challenge of submitting claims to your insurance company. Upon delivery, our certified service professionals will personally explain not only your therapies but also our claims process. Our process will enable you to choose to take the weight of insurance claims off your shoulders. As we follow through the process together, you will have no financial surprises.

Dedicated Representative, Available 7 Days a Week
In our depersonalized world, being able to talk to a knowledgeable person is increasingly meaningful and valuable. That’s what NuLife Med offers. You will have a dedicated service professional throughout the course of your therapy…every day. We are your support system and your point of contact for questions or concerns throughout the course of your physician-prescribed therapy.

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