Lympha Press Sequential Gradient Compression

At home lymphedema treatment with the line of LymphaPress® products gives patients the benefit of the gentle feel of manual lymph drainage coupled with calibrated gradient sequential compression.

Setup Guide

Step 1. Plug in unit.
Step 2. Place all wraps on appropriate body parts, with inflation lines running on the outside of that body part (lateral side). Zip wrap(s).
Step 3. Elevate affected body parts if possible or reasonable.
Step 4. Attach lines of wrap to machine. Turn screw machine connection.
Step 5. Press on/off button (right rear). Time and pressure will display.
Step 6. Change treatment time and pressure if needed with the appropriate – and + buttons.
Step 7. When session is completed, turn off the machine and take off the wrap(s). Remove the garment only after fully deflated and the pressure control unit has stopped.

Watch Video

Learn how to use the Lympha Press Gradient Compressions device and how it can benefit you in your recovery.



High Efficacy of Treatment
The LymphaPress® line of calibrated gradient sequential compression therapies offers highly effective, individualized ongoing treatment for lymphedema patients that can be used in conjunction
with manual manipulation.

Comfortable at Home Use
Gradient pressure can be applied at home as needed with pressure being adjusted by the patient per physician prescription for comfortable, user-friendly, individualized treatment.

Training and Support
A trained NuLife Med representative will deliver, set up and explain the use of the gradient lymphedema compression therapy. Representatives will be available for patient support 7 days a week.


Enhanced Compliance and Therapeutic Outcomes
Chronic lymphedema often requires ongoing treatment. LymphaPress® products offer the best high tech products available for prescribed, in-home use. Treatment pressure and time are fully adjustable, thereby creating flexibility for individualized treatment plans that will improve patient compliance and outcomes.

Comprehensive VIP Concierge Service
Trained and certified NuLife Med representatives deliver, set up and explain the use of LymphaPress at your patient’s home. Representatives field all patient questions 7 days per week. NuLife Med handles all claim filing for your patients.

Range of Applications
Single arm, single leg, bilateral arm, bilateral leg, arm and chest, or leg and abdomen applications are available thereby providing the widest range of gradient lymphedema compression therapy available.

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