Chief Executive Officer

James-Hradecky---Founder-pageJames Hradecky
CEO NuLife Med, LLC
Responsible for setting and achieving the vision of the company to help physicians help their patients through maximizing the patients’ health insurance plans that will result in the patient being able to use what the physician determine is Medical Necessary for the patient. Focusing on what we do best; providing products and services before and after surgery or in non-surgical injury recovery.

We have the culture of “Mission First. People Always.” Responsible for maintaining this culture through programs and discussions in the company that “how” we do our business is critical to our company’s success, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Jim successfully started and turned around multiple startup organizations to become profitable and reach financial startup goals of $10M in revenue annually within 2 years of launch. He possesses a recognized talent for identifying and training leadership, growth-oriented, and ethically driven teams with complementary strengths and motivation – sales, marketing, engineering, and forecasting.